Monday, April 23, 2007

Simha, Simha, Narashima!

When he becomes Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu....

There won't be need for power plants...

He won't need body guards or protection...

He'll handle the goons like this...

Vote for Captain Vijayakanth!

Monday, April 16, 2007

300 - Movie Review

The Spartans discard imperfect babies, so that their armies are the strongest
The Spartans are born to be soldiers
The Spartans are taught never to retreat, never to surrender
The Spartans don't take Prisoners
The Spartans have descended from Hercules himself
The Spartans are taught that death in the battlefield is the greatest glory they could achieve in their life.
The Spartans are the finest soldiers this world has ever seen!

Zack Snyder's true to Comic book adaptation of Frank Miller's 300 is like a history lesson in an expensive Video game. It's a Cornucopia of highly stylised Computer generated vivid scenery, wild creatures and Battle scenes that's bound to excite you beyond compare. It is based on the historic battle of Thermopylae when King Leonidas of Sparta, led his badly outnumbered contingent to battle with the Persian juggernaut led by 'God-king' Xerxes in 480 BC. Snyder's devotion to the Frank Miller's (of Sin City fame) Comic Book has brought out a visually stunning rendition of the epic unlike anything we've ever seen before in this genre.

300 is true to it's Comic roots: A scene from the Comic & Movie, This is Madness, This is SPARTA!

It was 300 against a Million, yet another David vs Goliath story, a story of the underdog, but it's the treatment that's makes it such a delight to watch, it's like a poetry on a painting. There's plenty of blood and gore, plenty of killing and body parts being chopped off, but it's all stylised using stop-motion, bringing out some of the best choreographed fight scenes ever on film! This mesmerising Testosterone feast is sure to set your adrenaline pumping and bring out the video game playing adolescent out of you.

If this awe inspiring, passionate tale of freedom and honour is not reason enough to go watch this work of art at least go watch it for the Spartans who look like He-Man and walk around with chiselled features and 6 pack Abs. When the enemies' arrows blot out the sun, these Spartans fight from the shade! I can't wait to watch it again!

Check out the Comic, you'll start loving Frank Miller! Frank Miller who like with Sin City won Comic world's top Honour, 3 Eisner Awards in 1999 for 300 along with artist Lynn Varley.

300 the Movie Image: Wikipedia

PS: 300 has been dubbed into Tamil too, Guess what it's called...
'300 Paruthiveerargal'!