Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Whose culture is it anyway?

What is Culture?

The characteristic features of everyday existence, the set of shared attitudes, values, conventions, or social practices that characterizes people in a place or time.

What happens when people in a place belong to different 'times'? - India happens!

While there are people of who belong to the older generation who think that life should be lived like this and people should behave like this etc.

There is the youth brigade, almost a third of the Indian population, who think they should have the freedom to decide what's right from wrong and chart their own course.

So who's wrong? Neither! as long as each other sets values for only themselves... When the young don't try to set values for the older people why should they set values for us?

Indian Culture has tolerated prostitution, drug and alcohol addiction for hundreds of years. What's wrong with young men and women meeting up and having a drink at a pub?

If we are old enough to decide what's right and wrong for the country and vote aren't we old enough to decide what's right  and wrong for ourselves? Please leave us and 'our culture' alone!