Friday, October 23, 2015

Help me educate 300 children and #Run4Bhumi at the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2016

Did you know 48% of children in class 8 cannot even do a simple mathematical division? But, we at Bhumi are trying to change this! Every weekend, hundreds of our young volunteers teach children in shelter homes and slums across 12 cities of India to ensure our children get quality education and a better shot at a brighter future!

You can help us too! All it takes is Rs.500 a year to Ignite a young mind by providing supplementary education in Maths, English, Computers or Science.

For every Rs.50,000 we succeed in raising, we will be able to educate 100 more children and I will participate in a new Marathon (10K/6K runs) to spread awareness about the problem and raise funds for Bhumi to educate such children.
  1. Wipro Chennai Marathon - Rs.50,000 raised and 100 children get better education - Milestone reached and participation confirmed on Oct 23, 2015
  2. Chennai Night Marathon - will participate if we succeed in raising 1 Lakh by Nov 18, 2015
  3. Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon - I can participate only if you help me raise Rs.1.5 lakh by Dec 23, 2015
I will run at the Dream Run at the SCMM, 2016 to help 300 children across India realise their Dreams. I urge you to run with me by donating for the cause.

PS: I will add more Marathons when we succeed in crossing Rs.1.5 lakh :)

Not just acing math and science, our children are also building robots and winning laurels. Check this out!