Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Ugly Roses of Siachen

The World's largest non-polar glacier.
The place of Wild Roses.
The Third Pole.
Siachen.... Definitely deserves a place in the record books
It's also the world's highest battlefield, where, for over two decades India and Pakistan have fought at altitudes of over 22,000 feet in minus 60ÂșC temperatures.
It's definitely not something we should be feeling proud of.

For a glacier that has overstated strategic significance, India spends a whopping 1-2 Billion Rupees a year!
Not just the enormous waste of money that could've been sensibly used for a hundred other things. Thousands of Indian Soldiers risk their lives every year in those inhospitable heights.
It's considered a great honour to serve at the Siachen Glacier in the Indian Army.
Not without reason...
The Indian Army looses one soldier every other day mostly to the extreme weather!
Many soldiers who return after serving at the Siachen Glacier suffer from psychiatric illnesses.

We are a nation of a billion people and they a nation of a quarter billion. Aren't there enough sensible people on either side of the Siachen to put an end to this nonsense?


Inquiring Mind said...

And do you want pakistanis to get foot hold of the geographically advantageous siachen . Its rubbish to talk that our soldiers are dying, and so much amount of money is wasted. You very well forget that the army's duty is to protect our land, and for that we have to spend lot of money. After all, why we are having such a large army?

If you are so concerned about utilising those mony for hundred other purposed, first look at yourself, where you can avoid all those luxury things & hi fi style life, and instead save those money for helping some poor people.

Dont be in an illusionist like Nehru. Be practical and stand up to the problem. siachen is our land, that was once occupied by pakistan, and then india recovered it with lot of effort & expense. and now, you want pakistan to again capture it.

Prahalathan said...

If you had joined the army I wouldn't have had a second thought about sacrificing your life to protect Siachen!

I am concerned, You've made an unqualified remark without knowing what I do with my money.

There's a third option... peace... Why cant we leave it alone?

mony singh reviews said...

i love Siachen. he is no 1 batsman in the world . he is indian hero