Monday, February 04, 2008

The Ezeego Hoax

There are numerous websites offering airplane tickets nowadays. several even give you discounts and free tickets when you make a booking. There's one Website which claims to offer you free tickets and ends up cheating you off your money.

Ezeego one travels offered 'Buy one get one free' and later 'Buy one get two free' Air Deccan tickets.  After reading the fine print a few times the offer seemed too good to be true so I even called up asking for any 'catch' in the deal. After being assured by their Customer Care executives that all I had to do was to buy a ticket to get my two free tickets for which I had to only pay the taxes, I went ahead with the booking. At the end of the booking they even collected Rs.250/ticket extra as service charges for the two free tickets. In a few minutes the codes for the free tickets arrived in my Email inbox and then began the journey to nowhere.

When I tried making the new bookings with the codes I got messages like 'Sorry the quota is full for this flight try another flight or route'. I tried numerous other flights and dates on even routes like Chennai - Madurai before I realised my Rs.500/- was down the drain!

Later, Ezeego Customer Care refused to reveal how much the quota was or  answer why the quota wasn't mentioned in the fine print or why they were advertising an offer for the next month or so when the 'quota' was full even at the start of the offer.

Be warned about this Sham site, if someone knows how I can complain about these cheats do let me know.

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salempeacock said...

Thank you very much for the warning. Only last week I received my ICICI credit card statement and in the lasy page there is an ad saying ezeego1 is giving 50% cash back offer for flight tickets and I was thinking about using the offer. Now I will be alert. Here is one more complaint.

Prahalathan said...

I'm glad my blog saved u time and money

TC said...

Thanks for your input

Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing this to my attention KK.

Another site I found quite useful is iXiGO - - they let you book directly from airline sites and dont charge any booking fees.