Friday, December 11, 2009

Let’s nationalise Cricket in India!

India is now a top contender for the best Test and one day cricketing team in the world.

  • Is it because unlike other sports in India cricket is less controlled by the government? – But then there are so many politicians in BCCI!
  • Is it because we have the best talent in the world? – Or is it because world over people are tuning into football and no one is bothered about Cricket?

If a country, like the USA with a third of our population can win a hundred plus medals every year at the Olympics, why do we have to get in there every year at the bottom of the pack? Shouldn’t there be three times more potential medallists among a billion Indians?

So where’s all that talent??? Probably languishing in some desk job because they were was not supported by their family or the system(rather the lack of it!)

While Indian budget for all sports in India this year is about Rs.1,000 Crore INR, BCCI’s Income itself Rs.700 Crore (it was 1,000 last year!) and this doesn't include the Indian Premier League Cricket who are earning Rs.8,200 crore just for ten years media rights!

If cricket is earning more that what’s being spent on all other sports combined, how will all other sports and sportspersons thrive?

Shouldn’t the BCCI be nationalised? Yes, there’ll be more corruption. But, won’t the state of other sports be much better?

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