Friday, January 07, 2011

Jagriti Yatra Diary - Jamshedpur, into the heart and mind of the Tatas

Jan 4 - We were shifted to the Rusi Modi centre for toilet and breakfast, after which we were put on a bus to Tata Steel, exhausted from the day many of us dozed off, I remember getting a glance of Jamestji Tata's imposing statue at the entrance, a lil while later when I woke up we were still in the bus, but stationary, the buses started rolling and I saw the back of the statue just before we exited. I had slept through the entire trip, not knowing we would be given such a raw deal by the Tatas, all we got was a trip around the plant on a bus without even a guide! :-/

Back at the Rusi Modi centre, we went through the museum there and were later given a short talk on the Tatas. We boarded the train brimming with disappointment :( We then had a session on the train by one of the honchos from Tata Sons. It was pretty heartening to learn that 66% of Tata Sons is held by public charitable trusts and that the Tatas spent over 30 crores last year in corporate sustainability initiatives!

We had a workshop for the facilitators on the 'Biz Gyan Tree' which included a general feedback session followed by dinner with the core team, people including Shashank Mani started singing and we had a gala time.

PS: I'll update the blog with some pictures later

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