Monday, June 25, 2012

Please sign my petition to Rationalise Auto fares in Chennai on

I often board the Airconditioned MTC bus from T.Nagar to Kanchipuram to get to work. The 70KM journey from Saidapet to Kanchipuram costs me Rs.100. Today I wanted to get to the Saidapet Arch Bus Stop from Chamiers Road and started waving down autos. The less than 3km journey took less than 5 minutes, yet the auto rickshaw driver wanted Rs.100 for the ride!!

I hardly ever use the Auto Rickshaw because I hate haggling with these fellows who expect at least Rs.20-25/km but whenever I'm forced to, it has been a bad experience every time. The Auto rickshaw rates are yet to be revised in almost five years while fuel prices have gone up several times, so I've started a petition asking the Transport Commissioner, Transport Secretary and the Transport Minister, Govt. of Tamilnadu to rationalise Auto Rickshaw fares.

Please sign the petition and share the link with all your friends. Let's spare two minutes for the Chennai we love.

Thank you.


Anju said...

The worst of the lot stand outside places like the malls, theatres etc - one guy actually had the nerve to ask me for Rs.250 from Spencer's (Egmore) to Kilpauk! I started laughing and asked if he knew where Kilpauk was. They use some standard lines like "Petrol", "one way" and such BS. And they actually drive away when you quote the reasonable price. If they used the meters, they wouldn't even make quarter of what they fleece us. I travelled the same distance in Kerala this week and it cost me Rs.20. In my head I kept thinking "Damn you, TN Autos". They need to be shut down.

Anonymous said...

I had tried previously to collect the statistics from Transport Corporation via RTI so that this can be used in a court of law.