Thursday, January 21, 2021

Before Bhumi - First centre #2

We returned to the shelter home every weekend to teach. The classes were a lot of fun for both the children and the volunteers. Though I still have just one regret …


We used to assemble at the centre every Sunday at around 9.30 AM. Hari used to be the one who prepared the plan for each class which he shared with all of us. The children were from classes 6-8, so, we then split up to handle the children as per their classes.


Every day we used to do different things in class, English, Maths, Science, GK … One of our classes even involved bringing all the kids out the portico and playing a game. We wrapped every class at noon with a debrief on the front portico.


Every week some new volunteers kept joining our group. While some came for just one class, our numbers continued to swell. It was satisfying and reinforced our motivation to keep doing what we did.


To protect the privacy of the children we weren't allowed to click pictures at the shelter home. That's my only regret from then, not even a single picture :(


Do you have any such regrets from 15 years ago? Leave a comment

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