Thursday, January 07, 2021

Before Bhumi - The meeting that started it all

The group was always buzzing with new people walking into every meeting. Sometime in early 2006, at one of our meets, we were brainstorming ideas for our group to do. This is how I remember the meeting unfolded.

It was probably the first meeting for Soundarya & Jayalakshmi who were friends and had some prior experience with social work. Soundarya suggested that we could volunteer to teach at an Orphanage. 

To me then it seemed everyone there was passionate and eager to contribute. I didn't have the maturity to understand who would have carried through and who was just giving ideas. 

We debated several ideas; It seemed like the teaching idea was the most appropriate for a committed group of young volunteers to contribute to society. People who knew orphanages suggested places and people volunteered to check. The group zeroed in on an orphanage in T.Nagar, Chennai and Hari volunteered to go seek permission. I remember Soundarya asking by when it would be done ;) and she probably volunteered to go along with him as well.

Some days later I came to know that we had received permission to start teaching at the orphanage. All it took was one meeting, one suggestion and a gentle nudge.

I think it always pays to be action-oriented, do you agree?

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