Thursday, March 04, 2021

Before Bhumi - October 2, 2006

I found out that to register an NGO you need to state your objectives. So, on October 2, 2006, Gyan, Prakash, a few others and I gathered at the Himalayas canteen in IIT Madras to draft these. Ayyanar would later tell me that Hari and he decided to skip the meeting because they thought the rest of us would take care of it. Attached is the notepad we wrote it on it's my handwriting in the first half and Gyan's below. The parts in Italics are my notes on the points explaining further.

01. To promote social entrepreneurship - Our solution for joblessness and prosperity for all

02. To promote eco-friendly technology for sustainable development - Our solution to prevent environmental damage while leveraging science & technology effectively

03. To use modern tools and technologies for promoting education and scientific temper among the urban under-privileged and in rural areas - Note the focus on urban poor even then

04. To promote nationalism and patriotism in youth - We wanted more people to be like us

05. To suitably empower local administrative bodies for equitable development and proper implementation of welfare schemes  - Our solution for better governance starts with the grassroots

06. To create awareness of diseases/natural calamities and ways to prevent/manage the situation as and when required - the incredible foresight of Gyan, probably his life experiences growing up in disaster-prone Orissa

I hope the story and the objectives, gives you a window into how we thought at that point. Share your thoughts as a comment

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