Thursday, February 25, 2021

Before Bhumi - August 15, 2006

August 15, is an important date for India and for Bhumi. The day in 2006 was not remarkable in any manner, but it's a date we celebrate and cherish … It's the day the idea of Bhumi was born ...

We had planned to celebrate Independence Day at the Pudupettai community centre. A few days before, I was on a call with Soundarya & Jayalakshmi planning the activities. One of them involved a ball and we were wondering, what if the ball fell down from the terrace? I casually told Soundarya that she could go down to pick it up and would lose weight in the process. I realized I had said something inappropriate only when she disconnected the call. ­čś×However, within a few minutes, she called me back on her own to continue the discussion. Over the years, I have made my share of mistakes and grown from them because of people like Soundarya, who have positively influenced me.


Though I was looking forward to the event earlier, because of the events of the previous night, I had to push myself to be there on that day. We didn't take any pictures but someone clicked this one impromptu.

After the activities, we sang the national anthem with the children and wrapped up the event. I left the place deep in thought. As I drove back home in my Hero Honda bike under the hot Chennai sun, it became clear what had to be done to continue the journey ...


Every day, so many people feel pain, so many ideas are born, yet, why do only some sprout and flourish? What's the secret/x-factor? Leave a comment

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